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Job Related Skills

     Training Skills:


  • Able to create presentations and deliver them clearly and confidently [Presentation Skills]

  • Communicate with clarity, precision, and influence [Communication Skills]

  • To speak to an audience with confidence and control [Public Speaking]

  • Listen in a way to understand and respond suitably [Active Listening]

  • Use creativity to handle situations on the spot [Creativity]

  • Identify and measure the different results of training [Measuring Results from Training]

  • Know how to engage, manage and direct people and teams [Facilitation Skills]

  • Engage in learning continues to develop skills further [Continuous Learning]

  • Organize tasks to save time and effort [Organisational Skills]

  • Prioritize, set goals, and delegate for better productivity [Time Management]


   Other Managerial Skills:











2010 - present

2010 - present

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