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Ehab Abdul Hadi Eid

​​​ Address (Egypt)  :​​     30 Al Mosheer Ahmed Ismail, Sidi Gaber,

                                Alexandria, Egypt.

​ Residence (KSA) :     Salah Duhini St., Qureesh St., Al Bawdi,

                                Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

​ E-mail:           

​​ Cellular Phone :     +966-560-363-628


2010 - present

Work Experience​

2010 - present

QA/QC and R&D Manager
IFS International Food Industries Factory. – Bahra Complex
                                                                                                                      [ April 2016- Present]

Address: ​            ​           

                                        P.O.Box 33260 jeddah 21412  Kingdom of Saudia Arabia Tele:                                                      0096622885489 Fax: 0096622885489

                                        Email: Website:

WORK LOCATION:         BAHRA Complex  (Meat-Cheese- Jam Factories)



  • Managed FSQ staff at manufacturing facilities and microbiology laboratory.

  • Coordinated HACCP activities for the facility.

  • Resolved regulatory issues and requests.

  • Followed-up regarding quality and food safety issues noted by customers.

  • Conducted training programs for food safety and quality issues.

  • Prepared for and corrected follow-up actions for third party facility and program inspections.

  • Overseen the development of the SQF 22000 System.

  • Ensured compliance to information requests, audits, labeling, testing requirements, specifications, complaints, production support, problem solving.

  • Developed and maintained compliance to departmental budget.

  • Established policies, operating procedures, and goals for facilities.

  • Coordinated hold & release program of products and determined product dispositions.

  • Reviewed industry technical publications and articles.

  • devising and establishing a company's quality procedures, standards and specifications

  • reviewing customer requirements and making sure they are met

  • working with purchasing staff to establish quality requirements from external suppliers

  • setting standards for quality as well as health and safety

  • making sure that manufacturing or production processes meet international and national standards

  • looking at ways to reduce waste and increase efficiency

  • defining quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff

  • setting up and maintaining controls and documentation procedures

  • monitoring performance by gathering relevant data and producing statistical reports

  • making suggestions for changes and improvements and how to implement them

  • using relevant quality tools and making sure managers and other staff understand how to improve the business

  • making sure the company is working as effectively as possible to keep up with competitors.


QHSE Manager
                                                                                                                                       [March. 2015- Feb. 2016]

Address: ​            ​             ​PREMCO – Al Hamdanyia – Al Kawther District

                                          P.O. Box 22404, Jeddah

                                          21495Tel no. : 012-6774349Fax No.: 012-6774673

                                          Email Address:

                                          Website :


                                             BMPC - Bahara

                                             P.O. Box 42057, Jeddah 21541

                                             Tel no. : 012-5914444

                                              Fax No.: 012-5913666

                                              Email Address:;

                                           Website :

WORK LOCATION:         Administration Office Inside Factories 



        Participates in third-party accreditation audits (as required). 

a)      Performs and evaluates vendor assessment audits.

b)      Identifies, communicates and drives Supplier quality performance improvements.

c)       Initiates and approves Supplier failure analysis relative to corrective action requests

d)      Implementing and directing the Quality Assurance Program for the construction 

     project that is in accordance with the LPP Construction Quality Control Manual, and 
the project requirements. 

     Results Expected - All construction activity is completed in a quality manner, in 
compliance with the quality assurance requirements for the project, and is 
supportive of the overall construction schedule. 

     Assures that the Project Specific Inspection Test Plans are issued and maintained to 
current status in the project files. 

     Assures that project specific Inspection Test Plan includes the requirements of Client 
specifications and applicable Codes and Standards. 
Re-work is minimized.

     The Construction Site Manager, Construction Project Manager, Project Manager, 
Quality Assurance Manager, Director of Construction, and client are kept aware of all 
quality assurance activities in progress and planned, and of any problems that exist.

     Overseeing the development and maintenance of quality assurance turnover 
documentation as required by Results Expected - Quality assurance documentation as required by contract, for
turn over to a client, are established and maintained, kept current and timely, and in 
support of turn over requirements.

     Performing routine audits to ascertain that only the current issue of drawings or 
specifications is in use. 
Results Expected - Verification that all crafts and subcontractors have received, and 
are using, the most current issue of all current drawings and specifications.

     Overseeing the development and maintenance of marked up IFC drawings that 
accurately reflect all field modifications by the Subcontractor. 
Results Expected - One complete set of as-built drawings, currently kept at the site, 
for turn over to the Tulsa Document Control Department upon completion of 
construction, that accurately reflect all changes made to IFC drawings.

     Coordinate resolution of quality assurance related problems. 
Results Expected - Timely resolution to quality assurance related problems as 
required to support subcontractors and/or craft workers in the execution of the 
planned work activities so as to not impact the work plan in place for the activity. 
Apprise the Construction Site Manager of potential quality assurance impacts in a 
timely manner so as to eliminate or minimize the impact to the Project Schedule by 
timely implementation of the required corrective action plans (NCR and corrective 

     Assist the Site Controller in coordinating and managing quality assurance 
requirements of subcontractors and reporting quality assurance problems, or 
potential quality assurance problems, to the Construction Site Manager and to the 
Quality Assurance Manager.

     Results Expected - Subcontractor activities are consistent with the quality assurance 
requirements, and supportive of the Project Schedule.

     Verification of Field Surveying. 
Results Expected - Adequate direction be given to the survey personnel, and others. 
Verification of layout is performed, prior to placement of foundations, to verify 
foundation coordinates, and anchor bolt locations.

     Develop and implement remediation plans for issues that are not in compliance with 
quality assurance requirements. 
Results Expected - Timely remediation of non-compliance issues so as to not impact 
construction progress.



Computer Skills
  • office 2010 All including Ms

  • Visio-Onenote and SharePoint​


  • Corel Draw

  • Basic Programming

  • DataBase Programming

  • Facebook Classic
  • Twitter Classic
  • Google Classic
  • LinkedIn Classic

​​Arabic:  Mother Tongue

English: Fluent​​​​

French: ​ Moderate

Turkish: Beginner 

  • Primavera V.6 Release 7

  • MS Project 2010 Proffesional

  • JD Edward

  • Open Text-Document

  Control-Web Based Program

Job Related Computer Skills
 Project QA/ QC Manager
​Company: BT Applied Technology [2009 - 2014]

Address: ​            ​             Al Rawda St., Al Amir Sultan Ibn salman Road Intersection,

                                          Jeddah 21332, PO. 122257,

                                          Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.




       - Coordinate  all Quality Assurance QA. functions.
       - Following the consistency quality.
       - Designing and implementing quality system to support the core activities to carry out safe Services

          within specifications.
       - Continuously improve service compliance to standards and specifications.
       - Insuring the incoming materials and finished services are always of consistent quality.
       - Developing a system and plan to ensure all products moved with compliance company specifications.
       - Managing internal audits and External Audits.
       - Monitoring stability program of the Services.
       - Evaluation and recommendation for return materials and scrap.
       - Monitoring and approving the first Fix installation of work done in relation to quality.
       - Quality Inspection on storage areas to ensure all materials, packing materials suffer damage.
       - Coordinate ISO activities with concerned employee :
              1. Audit schedule
              2. Document changes
              3. Updating objectives
              4. Identifying training needs
       - Following up any observation or improvement note for resolution or for compliance to international

        - Preparing and updating following:
              1. Policies and procedures status
              2. Policies and procedures implementation status
              3. Policies and procedures awareness and training programs review
        - Following up corrective action and preventive action reports for timely resolution of

        - Ensure that all quality apparatus and equipment are serviced at the required frequencies.
        - Keep quality documentation up to date, and verify that the system is effectively used.
        - Achievement of quality budgets.
        - Following up any observation or improvement note for resolution or for compliance to national and

          international standards and legislation.
        - Acting as key contact with customers auditors and ensure corrective actions and ongoing compliance

          with customer specifications.


QHSE Manager
​Company: Anel KSA, Turkish Low Current Construction Company  
                                                                                                                              [Jan. 2014- Feb. 2015]

Address: ​            ​             Al Rawda St., Al Amir Sultan Ibn salman Road Intersection,

                                          Jeddah 21332, PO. 122257,

                                          Kingdom of Saudia Arabia.




  • Creates and continually updates procedures to improve processes. Works with department heads, elected officials and staff to develop standardized Procedures related to project management & quality.

  • Develop business processes for operation and maintenance work(preventive & non-preventive activities)

  • Standardizing templates within projects for optimum usage of all provided data.

  • Works with senior management to provide strategic and tactical advice on planning and execution.

  • Oversees enterprise management strategy, training, communication, project control/analysis/reporting, process development and tool development.

  • Serves on the Steering Committee, Technology Review, Asset Management System, project work groups and other Oversight Committees.

  • Establish quality assurance section within PMO department.

  • Acting as a Project Manager for implementing ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System & OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety.

  • Opened a sub-division under PMO for Quality & safety. Lead the team as management representative.

  • Researches and monitors the development of new technologies; recommends new technology to department heads for the purpose of process improvement; plans upgrades and replacement of existing systems; develops partnership opportunities with other departments and associated agencies.

  • Lead the quality management review meeting that presents the results of internal audit plan.

  • Established a call center sub-division for company employees to report any complain they have with all need processes and documentation. These processes were implemented in Maximo system and recruited a call center agent to follow and control cases.

  • Take a leadership role in mentoring other team members and developing methods for continuously improving productivity and efficiency within the organization.



Project QA/ QC Manager


WORK LOCATION:          ​Site Work

Project Title:                   KSAU (King Saoud Bin Abdul Aziz University) - BAHRA SITE



      - Regular Site visits to ensure QA. Procedures are applied properly.
  - Prepare Master Project Schedule and Plans during tender and execution stage,
  - Prepare detailed forecast and actual output (including weight charts) for all disciplines,
  - Monitor Project progress and advice action to meet the schedule; in case of delay,
  - Preparing small and medium projects documents ( Method statement, Scope of Work, WBS, Project Charter,…etc.)
  - Preparing logistics plans and budgets for small and medium projects,
  - Ensure all project Management Plan are well documented (Quality, Risk, Communication,….etc.)
  - Developing the project resources plan ( Manpower, Equipment, Material, Tools, Activities,...etc.)
  - Help in the preparation of Look ahead Schedule working reports in accordance with civil work progress,
  - Revision and filing of weekly and monthly progress reports,
  - Update project plan to suite & Feedback any resources shortfalls or conflicts
  - Responsible for creating and updating schedules, providing analysis and narratives, and analyzing. the effects of changes, impacts,

         abd acceleration on schedules.
  - Responsible for monitoring and updating project schedules.
  - Following Up Daily and monthly reports with Projects.
    Monitoring & Controlling Small & Medium Projects.
  - Contributed in the establishment of Project Management Office (PMO) department
  - Development of Processes, Templates, Management Plans and Policies created based on PMI methodologies
  - Ensure that processes are followed by project management team
  - Schedule, Resource & Cost planning using project management applications
  - Develop project structure, calculate histogram and contribute in resources planning with recruitment department
  - Prepare projects progress analysis in weekly/monthly basis or upon request
  - Mobilization & material planning
  - Contributing in developing project master plans in light of site outputs & consultant master plan
  - Maintaining the resources skill matrix
  - Directing project coordinators to assure projects alignment with the company's standards & objectives.

 Quality and WCC. [Work Control Center] controller 


​2007-2008- BT Applied Technology




Project Title:                    Makkah Site (Development of King Abdul Aziz Endowment Project),


       - Carrying out Daily Inspection for installed components to match standard and project Submittals.

       - Directs and coordinate investigation of complaints concerning effective work.

       - Taking the assignment of work Progress and work order Feedback reporting.

       - Issuing work orders follow up material site installation and work flow till work orders closure.

       - Responsibility for all cables types Labeling.


 Quality Assurance Manager 


​  Company: JUL. 2003- AUG. 2007- Reckitt Benckiser Egypt LTD,



  ADDRESS:         1 Al Mosheer Ahmed Ismail, Sheraton Al-Matar Houses, Cairo, Egypt. 



      - Regular Q.A Manager arranges the supply of all necessary resources specified by department heads required for the various

        analysis and testing

        activities of the directorate through communication with the purchase department or even with registration Department of

        [Industry and Health].

      - Quality Manager visits the quality labs. To conduct the visual inspection of the housekeeping and work there if there are any

        problems these will

        be raised with the NON-CONFORMANCE procedure.

      - Conducting meetings with Department Heads, these meetings deals with the following subjects:

                  1. Any Quality Control Obstacles.

                  2. Resources Requirements.

                  3. Personal Problems.

                  4. Work Schedule.

     - Assuring the of the Good Laboratory Practices is done in an appropriate way..

     - Performing all necessary site visits in case of customer complaints and following up noncompliance when occurring repeatedly.

     - Taking the assignment of completing the filing system and documentation and also, stating specification for the new introduced

        brands from

        Reckitt Benckiser Worldwide to the Egyptian Market.

     - Performing all necessary Site visits for Co-Packers.

     - Taking the assignment of reporting to the factory manager and The Regional Q.A. Manager in South Africa through filling in the


        Key Performance Report via  the Quality control Procedures stream and Errorness that rise up. 

     - Taking the assignment of reporting to the supply director.

     - Visual Supervision in order to ensure that the factory laborers are following the G.M.P. properly.

 TPM {Total Productive Maintenance} Officer 


Company: Nov. 2000 – Jul. 2003 - Alexandria Carbon Black Co. S.A.E.  [ISO-9002 / QS 9000 & ISO 14001- 18001]

ADDRESS [PLANT]:       Amreya Route, Alexandria, Egypt.




  •   Plant Visual Controls Inspection.

  •   Participating in TPM & TQM [Total Quality management]– WCM [world Class Manufacturing Accreditation

  •   Taking a part as a convener in TPM Subcommittees meetings.

  •   Taking the responsibility of orienting managing and implementing as a Coordinator of [Beat the Target] Suggestion Scheme, and

     Also in charged of classifying the Kaisens as regular ones Or Kobetsu Kaisen.

  •   Assist the TPM Manager in the preparation for on Job training.

  •   Training Center Organizer in the Occurrence of Visitors, Expatriates and Company Guests.

  •   Columnist and efficient member in [Towards Excellence] Company’s periodically issued magazine

Lab. Supervisor in Geotechnical Laboratory & Site Quality control In charge.

​ Company: Oct. 1997- Nov.2000 -  Gulf Inspection International Co. (K.S.C.)

 ADDRESS:                 Block 3, Plot 57, Industrial Area          SABHAN, Kuwait.



  • ​Carrying out testing for Soil & Water & Concrete & cement & Asphalt And

   Material Testing According To Din (Deutsche Ingenieur Norm) & B.S. (British 


  Standard) and ASTM.

  • Practicing testing activity of 3 rd. party independent laboratories.

  • Performing necessary site visits for grabbing representative samples and

  providing visual technical inspection.

  • Undertake the assignment of chemical reporting in the lab.

  • Participation in Geotechnical & Soil Investigation reports Preparation.

  • Preparation of Standard Test Procedures based on ASTM, BS, DIN and Other



  •  Responsibilities for Lab. Technicians Supervision.

  • Provide and assist other company personnel with software instructions and

  •  technical Support advice.

  • Create Excel Files For the other chemical Dept. Secretaries.​

  • Preparation of Computer Presentations for any periodic essays requested by the

  management. [Using PowerPoint & Corel Draw].

Projects in Kuwait

Project: Drilling wells for Mew Substations.

Client:   MEW  [Ministry of Electricity And Water].

                {In Kuwait}

Contractor: GII- Gulf Inspection International Co.

Field Job Duties: Mud Site Chemist.


Project:  Production Facilities Expansion – West

               Kuwait Gathering Centers. GC 27,GC28.

Client:    Kuwait Oil Company. [KOC]

Contractor: (China Petroleum Eng. & Cons Co.)

Sub-contractor: KDDC Kalifa Duaij Al-Dabbous Co.

Field Job Duties: 3rd Party Quality Control

                inspector For Soil Investigation And

                Concrete inspection Site Work.

​​Project: AGRP  [Acid Gas Removal Project]

Client:   Kuwait National Oil Company [KNPC].​

Contractor: SUNK YONG ENG. & Construction

              Korean Co.)

Field Job Duties: 3rd Party Quality Control

              inspector For Soil And Concrete Site  


Quality Controller in Charge for Production Department [Resin- Paints-Textile Auxiliaries]

​Comapny:    [July 96- Aug 97]           Hoechst Orient German International Foundation Sold for  {Clariant } Swiss Co.

ADDRESS [PLANT]:       Amreya Route, Alexandria, Egypt.




  •   In Process and Finished Product Quality Control Inspection According To Din (Deutsch Ingenieur Norm) and ASTM.

 Junior analyst in Quality Control Department [In Process & Finished Product] Laboratories 


​Company: [Jun 95- July 96]            Rhône Poulenc,  Amreya for Pharmaceutical Industries Company [ISO 9002].

ADDRESS [PLANT]:       Amreya Route, Alexandria, Egypt.




  •   In Process and Finished Product quality Control Inspection According To B.P. (British Pharmacopoeia, USP (United States

     Pharmacopoeia), Clark’sand Martin Dell.

 Junior analyst in Quality Control Department [In Process & Raw Material] Laboratories 


Company: : ​[Sept. 92- May 95]        Alexandria for Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Company [ISO 9002.

ADDRESS [PLANT]:       Gamila Abu Hereed St., El Awayed. Alexandria, Egypt.



  •   Testing Pharmaceutical drugs Content, Vitamin, Acidity, and Plus Raw Material.  Employment terminated by Standardized

      procedures eliminating need for chemist.

  •    Inspection was being done According to B.P. (British Pharmacopoeia) &  USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) & Martin Dell and


  •    ALL Quality Control Documentation {Designation & Editing} for claiming ISO Accreditation was my responsibility.

Volunteer Work H​istory

Name of Organization:   Racta Company for Paper Manufacturing.    [ July 90- August 90] 

Address: Abu Quir – AL Tabyia, Alexandria, Egypt.

Occupation: Trainee analyst in (Quality Control Lab./ Water Treatment Lab. And Research Lab.) That was through University Training Program during Studying Space Course.

Employment: Full time.


Name of Organization:   Ministry Of Social Affairs  [High Institute for medical Researches.] [ July 91- August 92] 

Address: Horreyia Avenue, Alexandria, Egypt.

Occupation: Trainee analyst in (Biochemical Labs.).

Employment: Part time.

Private Work Hi​story

Name of Company:     Integral Trading.    [ 2004 -2007  ]

Address: Manshia, Alexandria, Egypt.

Occupation: Owner and Technical Manager

Employment: Part time.

Field of work: Occupational Health and Safety Supplies

Clients:   ACPA , Alex Fibre, ALEX Tyre, Alex. Fertilizers, Uni lever, Milkana, Morgantti, Ameryia for Pharmaceuticals



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