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In the US, by the late 1930s and early 1940s, swing music had become the most popular musical style and remained so for several years, until it was supplanted in the late 1940s by the pop standards sung by the crooners who grew out of the big band Swing Era tradition. Bandleaders such as the Dorsey Brothers often helped launch the careers of vocalists who went on to popularity as solo artists, such as Frank Sinatra, whom rose to fame as a singer during this time. Sinatra's vast appeal to the "Bobby soxers" revealed a whole new audience for popular music, which had generally appealed mainly to adults up to that time, making Sinatra the first teen idol.


1. Best Songs of Famous Retro Vintage  Artists:


1. Best of Frank Sinatra                                          Sample Song
2. The Sound Of Music                                             Sample Song
    Movie Songs
3. Best of Elvis Presley Songs                                 Sample Song
4. Best of Bob Marely                                             Sample Song
5. Best of Barbra Streisand                                      Sample Song
barbara strisand.jpg
6. Best of Beatles                                                      Sample Song
7. Best of Elton John                                                  Sample Song
8. Best of Marilyn Monroe                                          Sample Song
Marilyn Monroe.jpg
9. Best of Demis Roussos                                         Sample Song
Demis Roussos.jpg
10. Best of Lionel Richie                                           Sample Song
Lionel Richie.jpg
11. Best of Stevie Wonder                                         Sample Song
12. Best of Olivia Newton-John                                 Sample Song
Olivia Newton-John.jpg
13. Best of Pink Floyd                                               Sample Song
Pink Floyd.jpg
14. Best of Tina charles                                            Sample Song
Tina charles.jpg
15. Best of Umberto Tozzi                                         Sample Song
Umberto Tozzi.jpg
16. Best of  Sandra                                                   Sample Song
17. Best of Bee Gees                                                Sample Song
Bee Gees.jpg
18. Best of Boney M                                                 Sample Song
19. Best of Abba                                                       Sample Song
20. Best of Julio Iglesias                                           Sample Song
Julio Iglesias.jpg
21. Best of Michael Bublé                                         Sample Song
22. Best of Modern Talking                                        Sample Song
Modern Talking.jpeg
23. Best of Shania Twain                                          Sample Song
Shania Twain.jpg
24. Best of STING                                                     Sample Song
25. Best of Whitney Houston                                     Sample Song
Whitney Houston.png
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